Sunday, February 27, 2011


Natalie Portman at the 83rd Academy Awards
The 83rd Academy Awards held at Kodak Theatre this evening, were marred most perhaps by predictability. As Award after Award was handed-out this evening, it became more and more apparent that there were not going to be any real surprises in the most anticipated categories.   

Colin Firth as Actor in a Leading Role, yes - saw it a mile away.  Christian Bale and Melissa Leo, giving The Fighter an Oscar double in the Actor and Actress in a Supporting Role categories respectively - yesAaron Sorkin for Adapted Screenplay with The Social Network - uh-huhInception in the technical categories: Sound Editing, Visual Effects, Editing, Sound Mixing - yup.

The biggest surprise in my opinion was The King's Speech Director Tom Hooper nabbing the Award for Directing over The Social Network's David Fincher, a telling sign that the former would go on to win the coveted Best Picture Award.  Another telling sign was that Colin Firth's now-famous Speech in that Film was played over a Montage of all the Best Picture Nominees prior to the Award being announced.  The Weinstein Brothers sure know how to win an Oscar, that much I'll say.

Of all the beautiful Starlets who graced the Red Carpet this evening, I would have to say that Actress in a Leading Role Winner Natalie Portman finally got it right tonight after a few questionable choices earlier this Awards season.  For example, many did not favour her Red Rose number by Dior at the Golden Globes. Donning a gorgeous number this evening crafted by her BFFs Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, Portman's dress looked all but a Maternity number, flattering her body perfectly. And that shade of Purple was just majestic on the Red Carpet, wouldn't you say? Rodarte as some of you may recall, designed the Costumes seen in Black SwanPortman wins on the Red Carpet and the Podium.  Congratalie.  I saw it coming the first time I saw Black Swan at TIFF this past September.

Despite plenty of stuttering to be heard, first-time Hosts James Franco (also an Actor in a Leading Role Nominee) and Anne Hathaway did an adequate job entertaining the Crowd.  Hathaway changing from one number to the next with fluidity, never failing as a vision of sartorial elegance.

For a thorough selection of Photos by the amazing Jason Merritt on the Red Carpet, visit Zimbio here.

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(Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

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