Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Jake Gyllenhaal - May 2010
Well that was fast. People Magazine has broken the story that Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal are no longer an item after it was noted they were not seen together over the Holidays. Although neither of their Publicists have commented on the rumours, a Source close to both Swift and Gyllenhaal stated they had ended their relationship some time in December. In fact, the last time they were spotted together was December 9, 2010 where after drawing lots of Paparazzi attention on a Date, they had to call in a Helicopter to fly them away after a Police Complaint was filed. No young relationship is strong enough to survive that amount of scrutiny and effort.

Taylor Swift - November 2010
Although I hate to be the one to preach, Swift's ability to go from Guy to Guy is beginning to reflect poorly on her own image.  Is she Dating at this rate to gather Fodder for her next Album?  Believe me, this isn't a Double Standard as I'd think the same of a Guy who goes from Girl to Girl that quickly also. Young Girls look up to Swift, so what kind of a message is she sending out to her Fans in being a Celebrity Serial Dater?  It's clear she has a "Type", no?

And Taylor Sweetheart, don't even use the tired "I never said I was a Role Model" Card because the last time I Googled, you are thought of widely as a "Role Model" on page upon page of search results for the phrase alongside your name.  You're 21 for crying out loud - you have the rest of your life to date a Guy ten years your senior.  Enjoy Youth to its fullest - this is your moment.  And Jake, come on - she's just a Girl for crying out loud.  Of course it wasn't going to work out.  Is anybody actually surprised?

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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