Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The Evolution of the Starbucks Logo
She's getting a sexy makeover!  The famous Starbucks Siren is getting a new look with the Coffee giant announcing today that they plan to simplify their Logo by removing the words "STARBUCKS COFFEE".  Employees in Seattle were the first to see the new design earlier today, marking the fourth time the Logo has changed since 1971.

Starbucks' Raspberry
Thumbprint Scones
 Starbucks celebrates its 40th anniversary this March, which is when we can expect to see cups and products donning the new Logo in stores.  The Company's CEO Howard Schultz proudly proclaimed via a statement today, "We're sitting today with record revenue, record profit; the stock price is at a five-year high. This isn't an accident".  Anyone who successfully can convince me to spend $3 on an Americano every morning and make it feel worthwhile is a Genius in my books.  I'll drink to that!

Personally, I love the new Logo.  But then again, I love everything Starbucks offers (almost) including their just re-introduced Raspberry Thumbprint Scones.  I've downed two of them today already.  Yum.

What do you think of the new Logo?

(Photo credit:  Associated Press/Mr. Will-W.)


  1. I like that it says Starbucks Coffee! Not sure about the new logo! Also strange that they would not want the name on the cup? Unless they think it is so universally known they need no name?

  2. From a business perspective, Starbucks has always been innovative and keen to set itself a part from everyone else and not just in the coffee industry.

    Their business model is top in my opinion and from operations to supply chain all the way to the customer experience they are best in class.

    That said..others are trying to follow but have been failing on the customer experience side. Starbucks offers over a thousand different coffee beverages because they will customize YOUR coffee the way YOU want it. Most coffee houses won't go there unless it's a "mom 'n pop" establishment.

    So what do the others do? Lets "almost" copy the Starbucks logo (with the words)..look at Second Cup's previous logo..Café Dépôt and Brulerie St-Denis are other examples..very similar right?

    Mary hit the nail on the head...they are indeed recognized (brand awareness)to that extent. Think Nike...they only use the Swoosh..Reebok has done the name a few.

    Good move i chapter in the company's history and shows they are committed to their brand and it's customers.

    I'll buy you that Venti Americano Mary...


  3. I'm a Quad Grande Americano. So good. I don't mind the new logo, but I think I prefer the old one. But, it's probably just a matter of getting used to it. Generally I don't like their logo anyway, it's too "busy" for me. Regardless, it only matters that what's IN it continues to be a quality product and that the customer experience continues to be priority.

    Side note - I was visiting my brother in Phoenix over Xmas, and they had the Tassimo home-brew via coffee pods machine with Starbucks pods, and somehow, that coffee was even BETTER than what I get at the stores! I need to get me one of those machines!

  4. What can I say, you guys are passionate about your Coffee as am I! :p

    Speaking of Tassimo Brewers, I hear they're contacting Bloggers to give away those machines or review them. Tassimo, you need to get in touch with me asap so I can witness the magic myself! I promise to share the deliciousness with my friends and readers!