Monday, January 17, 2011


A Cup donning new Starbucks Logo
As if a Venti wasn't already overkill, Starbucks has announced plans to launch in Limited Release this week a new Cup Size for its customers called the Trenta, at 31 oz.  The Cup, which was made available previously in Test Market cities, fared positively enough last year to be made available allover the U.S. and presumbly Canada by the beginning of May 2011.  A Trenta will cost approximately $0.50 U.S. more than a Venti.

Although I foresee a demand with Cold Beverages in the Trenta size seeing how Ice Cubes can take up an inordinate amount of space in a Cup, there is no way I could finish that much Coffee.  Could you, Mavenati?

To recap, these are the Starbucks Cup Sizes:
Short (not listed on Menu) - 8 oz.
Tall - 12 oz. 
Grande - 16 oz. 
Venti - 20 oz.
Trenta - 31 oz.

(Photo credit: Starbucks)

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