Sunday, January 16, 2011


Is it ever coming out? With intriguing teasers like Louboutins and Fresh Out the Oven being released from Jennifer Lopez's forthcoming seventh album Love?, we have no confirmed release date for the Disc.  Still.

Since switching over to Island/Def Jam from Sony Music last year it seems as though it's been one delay after another for Lopez's halted music career.  If this confirmed new Single On the Floor (ft. Pitbull) is any indication of what we can expect, then I need to be adding myself back to that JenniferLopez.Com Mailing List again soon.

Tastefully sampling 1989's international hit Lambada by Kaoma, this track is right up Lopez's alley with some Latin flare and astoundingly good production from the Man who helped make Lady Gaga famous, RedOne.  Although the Rap from Pitbull neither really accentuates nor takes away from the listening experience, it's there. I would like to hear a shorter Edit with just Lopez front and center.  Call it a comeback.  2011 will be her year.  Massive.

Don't believe me?  Have a listen, courtesy of Universal Music:

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