Friday, January 7, 2011


Katie Holmes in The Kennedys
In a complete and utter shocker, History Television's highly publicized Mini-Series The Kennedys, slated originally for a March 2011 release, has been yanked from its U.S. release schedule according to Variety 

Joel Surnow, one of the major forces behind The Kennedys, is known for his Conservative leanings and it is said that the series takes somewhat of a critical look at John F. Kennedy's proudly Liberal beliefs.  History Television is owned by Disney-ABC, Hearst and Universal and insiders are saying that it is because of this bit of conflict that the network was pressured to halt its plans for the series.  The Hollywood Reporter eludes to the series not being historically correct enough for History Television's standards.

Filmed in and around the Toronto area this past Summer, The Kennedys stars Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes Jon Cassar, known most for his work on the long-running series 24, helmed the project.  There is talk now of the series now being shopped around to other networks.   Regardless, there are still plans to air the series in Canada beginning March 6, 2011 and overseas also.

I visited its Set this past Summer and managed to gather a couple sneak peaks of what to expect.  Click here to read some of my coverage.

UPDATE 2/11/11: Crisis averted.  A deal has been struck with American network ReelzChannel to air the series beginning April 3, 2011.  There still is no confirmation of the Canadian air date, but it is said that delays will likely occur.

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