Sunday, January 30, 2011


Thank God! For those of you who watch ABC's Dr. Phil, you might recall this Alaskan Woman, Jessica Beagley, who uses unconventional methods of Discipline on her Children including a technique called Hot Saucing. When her seven  year-old adopted Russian Child Kristoff misbehaves, she takes him into the Bathroom, putting Hot Sauce in his mouth.  Kristoff then has to swish the Hot Sauce in his mouth until it causes pain and discomfort. In extreme cases, Beagley will make him undress take a Cold Shower.

Watch below:

After shocking Television audiences last November with the broadcast of the above footage, Misdemeanor Child Abuse charges have since been laid against Beagley and in my opinion rightfully so.  In a statement issued by her Lawyer Peter Ramgren last week, it was indicated that "Although one may disagree with her (Beagley) unorthodox style of Discipline, it doesn't rise to the level of child abuse under the statute".  Beagley has plead Not Guilty.

Discipline should never hurt.  Although many of us grew-up getting smacked or spanked for misbehaviour and turned out "fine", there still is no excuse to treat Children like this.   I like to think that we've progressed as a Society to the point where we don't have to resort to Brutality to get what we want. Russian authorities are also looking into these allegations of Abuse also.

As one Facebook friend of mine Chris feels, "The only upside I see to using Hot Sauce is that he'll have a high tolerance for extremely spicy food when he grows up".  True - Kristoff likely will clean-up on Wings Night at the Pub, or alternatively have an aversion to Hot Wings altogether, but still.... 

The irony of it all is that in the Clip, The Beagleys have a Chinese Scroll hanging on their wall inscribed with the symbol "Love"  on it. 

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