Thursday, December 23, 2010


Colin Farrell at TIFF 2009
In a surprise move, it was announced today that Toronto's Pinewood Studios has just secured a loan of $34.5 million from Infrastructure Ontario. This money will be invested into the Studio, while helping Toronto attract more big-budget Productions with the upgrade in facilities.

It is said that a Sequel to 1990's Total Recall will be filming at the Studio beginning March 2011 and the wonderful Colin Farrell has already been offered to play the role of Douglas Quaid made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The high-octane Action Film went on to gross over $261 million worldwide.

There was talk also last year of Farrell filming this year in Toronto alongside Marion Cotillard in Director David Cronenberg's next project Cosmopolis. Expect to see a lot of him around town!

Total Recall 2 is working with a budget of $200 million, making it the most expensive Movie ever to be filmed in Toronto.

Read more details about this major news here.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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