Sunday, December 12, 2010


Chelsea Handler
Arriving just an hour before her Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang Tour Toronto stop-off at Massey Hall,  red hot Comedienne Chelsea Handler tried being incognito in a Hoodie, surrounded by an Entourage of Security Guards. "I've got to get to my Show, I'm sorry!" she explained to Autograph Seekers as she fumbled through two separate entrances, before finally finding the correct Stage Door.  Following closely behind was this evening's Opening Act, Chris Franjola who has gained a significant amount of exposure on her hit E! Network program Chelsea Lately, bringing that network much success in the late evening time slot upwards of 500k viewers.  In fact, this type of treatment from Handler is actually expected with her having developed a reputation of going above-and-beyond for "paying" Fans.  "I heard she (Handler) was a total Bitch to my Friend's Friend in Ohio too!" one young Woman in waiting said.

Chris Franjola & Mr. Will-W.
Taking to the stage at 9:30 PM, the 35 year-old New Jersey native-cum-Los Angelino delivered her signature brand of self-deprecating humour, venturing frequently to risqué territory. Handler found ways to poke fun about her obsession as a 9 year-old with Masturbation to her distaste towards Angelina Jolie, which she has v. public about in being good friends with Jennifer Aniston, former wife of Jolie's current partner Brad Pitt.  She went as far as to attack Jolie's untraditional naming of her Children, expressing sympathy for them in how it has become her goal to have her Family resemble an advertisement for United Colours of Benetton.

A key element to Handler's routine is how Asian interest groups have expressed displeasure consistently at her jokes.  "I used to speak to them directly, but now I don't even care anymore" she told the audience, explaining how we must be able to laugh off stereotypes.  "Racism on the other hand, is an ugly thing", she clarified.

Handler's previous relationship with Ted Harbert, President & CEO of Comcast Entertainment Group (some 20 years her senior) is well-documented and she went as far as to tell the audience about a practical joke she had played on him while they had visited Mexico.  Harbert apparently had suffered from Diarrhea and to play on his paranoia, she smeared Chocolate Birthday Cake on his side of the bed, finding amusement that he had fallen for her joke.  "You fucking Bitch!" she recalled were his words, laughing in delight and embracing the label.

Following her performance which clocked in at just under 50 minutes, Handler greeted Fans at an Autograph signing organized by Chapters Indigo, quickly zipping through the queue.  Upon arriving at my friend Shinan (who was sweet enough to invite me!) and I, she gave us a bit of a dance from her chair and smiled.  She looked over at me with a knowing wink, fully approving my "getting" her Asian jokes, inscribing my copy of Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang: "To Will - Go Asia!  Chelsea".    

Two stipulations though - Handler refused to be photographed up-close by Fans and would not pose for Photos with them, telling me "I'd love to take a Photo, but I'm doing my best here to get through all these Autographs.  I'm really sorry.".  She then proceeded to flash me a smile of gratitude and I then was directed by Security to take a Photo of her 30 feet away from her.  30 feet

Handler can be seen in next year's Action Flick from Director McG This Means War, alongside Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy;  the Film has just wrapped in Vancouver.  E! Canada also was just launched here in Canada, where Chelsea Lately can be seen weeknights at 1:35 AM EST.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. I guess I'm not familiar with the "paying" accusation. What's that all about?

    I saw her here in Denver back in April, and I was really let down. She seems much better with the one-liners and quick jokes, rather than the long monologues.

  2. I must say I felt the same. I wasn't disappointed and I wasn't wowed. I think her show came off perhaps one step over on the scathing side a bit too much and if she had just that bit more of a vulnerable side, I would've rooted for her more.

    Re: the "paying fan" thing, I've read on numerous occasions that she will not stop and greet Fans who don't pay for her shows or books. That I think in itself says a lot about her despite her repeated claims during her show to not really care about money.

  3. We're huge fans of her TV show, but were disappointed last night with her live show in Toronto. It seemed to be unpolished material; more like slightly funny stories from a tipsie friend. I expect more for my $100. On the plus side, I enjoyed Chris F.

  4. I'd agree with you Liz. I think as a TV Personality, she's much stronger - but as a Stand-Up Comedian, not so much. She struggled to fill the venue and also the time slot allotted; nor did I feel she was really giving it her all. You're right - for $100 a ticket, there should've been more of a spectacle.