Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Okay, is anybody else with me in that the Musical Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark is a bad idea altogether? Musicals should be about communicating the power of a Story through Song, Dance and Dialogue. When the safety of Actors is risked at the expense of wowing an audience, we have a serious problem at hand.  A Musical shouldn't have to depend on stunts and trickery to be good.

Poor Aerialist Christopher Tierney was injured on a Preview of the Spider-Man Musical last night at Foxwoods Theatre in New York City. TMZ has acquired a Video Clip recorded by an audience member on their Cell Phone as Tierney's cord had snapped less than ten minutes before the end of the show, before he had dived several feet into the audience.  He was rushed to the Hospital right after the incident.  Horrific.

The Musical co-penned by Julie Taymor, responsible for the disastrous adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest in theatres right now, and U2's Bono and The Edge, has faced multiple setbacks and delays.  This is yet another setback in what seems like a doomed venture from the start.  As of this time, tomorrow's Matinee Preview of Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark has been postponed to allow a more careful safety evaluation for the Show.

Watch the clip of the accident below from TMZ:

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  1. The idea itself wasn't that appealing but once I heard word that a friend of mine (and a former member of Soluna, to boot!) was cast as an understudy, my interest peaked. I'm waiting for the real opening but I fear for her safety and the rest of the actors for the same reasons you mentioned! She has already tackled the leading role she's understudied for a few times due to the actress being hospitalized again for injuries!!