Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Greyson Chance
Since exploding upon the world of Pop Music, 13 year-old Greyson Chance's star has risen quicker than any other over the past year. It all started with a viral YouTube Clip of him singing and playing Lady Gaga's Paparazzi April 10, 2010 at a Cheyenne Middle School concert back in his native Oklahoma. Before he knew it, he was appearing on National Television and Ellen DeGeneres was courting him to sign aboard her newly-created label eleveneleven Records. A Teen Choice Award nomation also came soon after.

Now working with the likes of Ron Fair, who has guided the successfuly careers of Christina Aguilera and The Pussycat Dolls, Chance's debut single Waiting Outside the Lines is on the verge of big things. He received a v. warm reception on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where it was premiered live on October 26, 2010.

Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven is thrilled to introduce quite possibly the world's next big teen sensation Greyson Chance to readers as he sat down to chat with us just recently.

Mr. Will-W.: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us, Greyson! We're extremely excited to have you stop by. Firstly, congratulations on all the success you've had in what seems like such a very short amount of time. Tell us, what can we expect to hear on your debut album coming out next year? How far along are you in the recording process?
Chance: The album is coming along very well! It‘s kind of an interesting pop sound with some rock influence. We’re pretty far along, hoping to be done recording very soon!

Mr. Will-W.: We can't wait! We've seen you perform a few times on Television and you're a natural. Although it's important for every performer to have just that little bit of nerves to help them perform optimally, what kind of tricks do you have for harnessing your own nerves?
Chance: Before every performance I do a team huddle with my band and everyone who is with me on the performance and we pray. Also before I start performing I lower my shoulders and relax and say one more prayer.

Mr. Will-W.: Whatever you're doing it, it appears to be working. You have a sound that is mature beyond your youth, Greyson. What places do you tap into and where do you draw your inspiration from when you perform and make music?
Chance: I take inspiration from many things – usually stuff that actually happens in my life. I get inspiration from love, hate, betrayal, beauty in the world... really just depends on what mood I’m in (laughs).

Mr. Will-W.: And sleep too I'm sure! Since being discovered on YouTube, you've met many Celebrities and have performed with many greats including the We Day Concert at the end of September in Toronto, which was televised nationally on CTV. Tell us who's made you star struck and what were they like when you finally met them?
Chance: Of all the celebrities I've met, I'd definitely have to say Lady Gaga. I’ve gotten to meet Lady Gaga a few times – she is so incredible and genuine, definitely a great inspiration.

Mr. Will-W.: Amazing. I'm so jealous as I'm still waiting to meet her as I've come close three times and once she was inches away from me! Do you miss anything about how life was before you had your big breakthrough? How about the greatest change in your life since then?
Chance: I think the biggest thing I miss is being around my friends at home in Oklahoma, but I am doing what I love so it’s been pretty easy to keep a balance.

Mr. Will-W.: I'm sure with your schedule, you're too busy most of the time to even think about being homesick anyhow. Now just because we're curious, name for us about some songs/artists on your iPod we'd never guess you're inspired by.
Chance: I'd definitely say Semi-Precious Weapons! I am also really inspired by Kiss and the Rolling Stones.

So glam, Greyson! Anyhow, we wish you all the best with your debut single and upcoming album. We'll be sure to give it a listen and a plug when it's ready. You're an inspiration to many including me - thanks once again for chatting with us!

Greyson, eleveneleven Records and ThinkTank Marketing would like you guys to have a couple signed Posters for put aside exclusively for us!  Stay tuned for details.

(Photo credit: eleveneleven Records)


  1. Nice interview - looking forward to his CD myself. Wouldn't it be great if he got to sing a few songs opening for the opener on Lady Gaga's next tour in 2011??!!
    Wasn't his We Day performance in Toronto at the ACC?

  2. Yes it was and I missed out! Thanks for the correction:)

  3. Mr. Will-W,
    Thank you so much for posting up your interview with Greyson. We are Greyson's largest fansite on the web and we keep tabs on Greyson's interviews, news, photos and more. We are finishing up a write up on your interview and will send Greyson's fans to your interview page.

    Thanks for sharing!!