Sunday, November 21, 2010


Still from Harry Potter
& The Deathly Hallows
After breaking Box Office records Thursday night with a stunning $24 million opening, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows seemed to have tailed off over the weekend despite some projections that pegged it to make up to $160 million. Mind you, it still made an estimated $125.1 million from 4,125 theatres making it moot point for any other film to even bother opening this weekend before U.S. Thanksgiving. Harry Mother of God!

Megamind continues to perform amazingly well despite dropping to second this weekend with $16.1 million. The film was on-top for two weeks consecutively prior to this, ahead again of this week's third place finisher Unstoppable which earned $13.1 million. Made for $100 million, the Film has made back $41.9 million in two weeks of release domestically.

The Next Three Days from Lionsgate Films is the latest film from Crash Director Paul Haggis, garnering $6.7 million in its debut, to place it in fifth spot. The film starring Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks has received negative reviews overall.

Rounding out the bottom of the Top Ten is Fair Game which continues to get an expanded release, now in 386 theatres. The excellent flick starring Sean Penn and Naomi Watts earned $1.4 million from in its third week since opening in limited release.

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