Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Matthew Morrison on December issue of Details
Glee's Matthew Morrison appears on Details Magazine's December issue shirtless and opens up about many things including being a Heterosexual Man cutting his teeth on Broadway, which is dominated by Women and Gay Men. He also revisits his old Orange County High School of the Arts to the shock of many onlooking students, talks about his new album which he describes as "Bublé-esque" (tentatively to be released February 2011) and also coping with Fame.

After playing one of his new tracks to Details' Claire Hoffman, they drive by a Glee Billboard with his face plastered on it. Hoffman listens to the track and tells him how it's good that in his own Music he will get to show who he really is, to which he replies "That's the whole thing.... I really don't want them to know anything.".

Read the interview in full here.

(Photo credit: Details/Norman Jean Roy)

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