Monday, November 15, 2010


In what's guaranteed to be the campiest Movie event of the Year, Burlesque's accompanying Soundtrack serves as a teaser of what's to come. And based on this ten track Collection which clocks-in at just over 30 minutes, we can expect a v. mixed bag of things really. A bit of Big Band Jazz and Swing, Motown and Contemporary Pop featuring star Christina Aguilera's overwhelmingly big vocals. Surprise! Veteran Diva Cher pops-up on a couple tracks here too.

After previewing the Burlesque Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, I feel that still it's rather difficult to get a sense these songs are telling a story versus being more overtly, vocal showcases. Aguilera is back to doing what she does best here with that blessed gift of a voice she possesses, especially after her last effort Bionic being particularly lacking.  Aguilera uses these songs more as a creative outlet, exercising her vocal chops in musical genres she might not normally be able to do on a Disc under her own name.  Her shining moment comes early in Etta James cover Something's Got a Hold on Me, while But I am a Good Girl has her playfully cooing in one of the few moments here where I feel she is actually in-character. Inasmuch as I hate to say it also, Bound to You sounds like an unused track from the Sia-Aguilera studio sessions for her Bionic, seeming a bit out-of-place.

Cher has not lost a step vocally at all, spicing things up on Welcome to Burlesque and never overdoing it.  Reuniting with the same Writer who penned massive 1989 hit If I could Turn Back Time, Diane Warren, she shines in Power Ballad You Haven't Seen the Last of Me.  The track  actually is remarkably similar to Whitney Houston's I Didn't Know My Own Strength on that one's 2009 attempt at a comeback, I Look to You.

My question is this - where is the rest of the Cast on this Disc? Is this a Musical with only two singers in it, seriously? I suppose we'll soon find out soon enough on November 26, 2010 when Burlesque hits theatres for U.S. Thanksgiving Weekend.  Sony Music's Burlesque Original Motion Picture Soundtrack hits stores November 22, 2010Grade: C+


  1. Is it officially only 10 tracks or is this just a preview version you are reviewing?

    I'm ultra tempted to download this, I absolutely adore Cher and see a bit of her in Christina (although obviously the former 90s teen star lacks a certain relatability factor).

  2. Hey Gordon, it's only 10 tracks. Lemme know what you think after you listen.

  3. Well, I can *finally* listen to it tomorrow so shall let you know :-)