Thursday, September 16, 2010


Mr. Will-W. and Stephen LeDrew on CP24's LeDrew Live
Hello Mavenati!

Just dropping a quick line to say "hi".  I hope you've been loving my TIFF Coverage this past week.  I'm totally exhausted after having slept a combined 15 hours over the past six days, but we're approaching the homestretch now and I'm not going to quit just yet.  

TIFF for me has always been about the Movies and of course, the Celebrities.  With the number of stars in the city now dwindling, I can now focus on enjoying the Films over the next few days - so expect more reviews of titles which won't be hitting theatres until later in the year.  I'll be posting a few exciting Giveaways before the weekend is over and from there I'll be taking a couple days of rest from the Blog to re-charge.  I'll ensure you have enough to catch up on so don't you worry!

For those of you in Southern Ontario, I'll be on CP24's LeDrew Live at 9 PM EST Thursday night to do a TIFF Recap for you with a review of all the wonderful photos I've gotten the past week and some juicy stories to share with you.from the past week.  Don't forget to tune in!  If you've found me through CityTV, you can continue to find a selection of my photos the next few days also.

As always, I appreciate the lovely e-mails and comments.  Please keep them coming in!


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