Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sam Worthington at VISA Screening Room
Although I am sad that TIFF 2010 is coming to a wrap with its final Gala having taken place earlier tonight at Roy Thomson Hall and VISA Screening Room simultaneously, I am pleased that we had some fantastic stars here to wrap up the festivities.

Sam Worthington undoubtedly is the hottest male actor in Hollywood with blockbusters like Terminator: Salvation, Avatar, Clash of the Titans standing out on his Résumé . He's been attacking more serious roles of late including The Debt, which also premiered at TIFF this past Tuesday and we will be seeing more of his acting chops in Massy Tadjedin's Last Night soon as heavyweight Miramax just picked-up the film. The film stars him alongside Keira Knightley and Eva Mendes, the latter who also attended this evening's Gala.   Also present was Worthington's Stylist girlfriend Natalie Marks. Last Night tackles the question of fidelity in a young couple's marriage after they are separated briefly for work reasons.

Check out more photos of Worthington and Mendes on their way from VISA Screening Room to Roy Thomson Hall:
Oh... and yes, there will be Worthington and Mendes autographs up for grabs v. soon here.  Stay tuned.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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  1. Well Sam looks a bit out of time with those beards.....Eva as always looks great...
    And you as always wrote the best blogs...keep on...