Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Yes, Mavenati.  It's that time of year again - those ten days that I live for every year!  For those of my readers in and around the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario, you'll be able to catch me throughout the span of the Toronto International Film Festival (September 9-19, 2010) exclusively on CP24 where I'll be delivering you exclusive Footage, Film Reviews, Gossip and maybe a few Giveaways to some lucky readers.  It brings me great excitement to know that upwards of a million viewers will be watching me on Television!

The beauty of CP24 is that their broadcasts are looped throughout the day in case you miss it the first time, but nonetheless, do not forget to tune in!  Although my schedule is still being ironed-out, I will be saying "Hello" tomorrow, Wednesday, September 8th around 9:30 PM EST with News Anchor Nalini Sharma and appearing on LeDrew Live on Thursday, September 9th at 9:00 PM EST.  Please check back here for additional updates to when I'll be on next.

Also, some exclusive content can also be found on one of my favourite Blogs Awards Daily, plus Toronto's legendary CityTV throughout the TIFF, so please remember to show them some love too!  Things are about to get exciting here.  Well, even more exciting than usual, that is.

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