Saturday, September 4, 2010


Kanye West apologizes on Twitter
Let me first start off by saying this. I don't find Kanye West particularly gifted as a Musician. His acclaim and commercial success are in my opinion, over-rated. I'm by no means a Hip-Hop Connaisseur, but even I recognize that much of his success has been built off sampling others' music and somehow gaining more recognition for it than the original artists.

As a retrospective, here are his biggest hits and in brackets are the names of the original artists and songs:
Can anybody explain then how it is possible that he felt warranted in humiliatingly criticizing another artist's (Taylor Swift) merit, especially when that artist actually writes a majority of her own music?

So one year after the MTV VMAs debacle which shocked the world, West is "sorry" as per his Twitter account.

Well, I'm sorry Kanye, but the world really doesn't miss you as much as you think.  I don't for one.  Yet again, how uncanny is it that you claim to be "over the Ego", yet you time your apology in tandem with this year's forthcoming VMAs (Sunday, September 12, 2010) to capitalize yet again off the another wave of Publicity? So f*cking tacky.  

There is nothing sincere about West's apology as the only thing he appears to be sorry for is his waning popularity.

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