Monday, September 13, 2010


Below are just a few of the faces seen tonight at the InStyle Magazine Party for Tony Goldwyn's Conviction. Just after midnight Betty Ann Waters, whom the movie is based upon, could be seen stumbling onto the street inebriated completely, before she and her friends were loaded onto an SUV to head off to Queen Street hotspot Sweaty Betty's for drinks. How fitting.

Aaron Eckhart
Jon Hamm, Jennifer Westfeldt
Justin Long
A separate SUV came prior to load what would be a star-studded ride including Hilary Swank, Justin Long, Juliette Lewis, Sam Rockwell and Tony Goldwyn.  As always, Lewis was out-of-it.  But hey, it's a party!  Hopefully she'll be coherent for her 9 AM Press Conference for the film.  

And of course Aaron Eckhart was a complete surprise as were Mad Men star Jon Hamm and his partner Jennifer Westfeldt.  Hamm is one of those people who I just seem to have no Photo-luck with, first accidentally deleting a perfectly lovely shot of him from Friday at The Town's Press Conference and now after taking a perfect photo together, it turned out that our photo was blurry!  Help!  I need a Photoshop Doctor.  This is an emergency!!  

Eckhart by the way, was amazingly nice calling me on a first name basis.  I cannot wait to see his film with Nicole Kidman called Rabbit Hole, on Saturday morning.  The Gala which I wanted to attend Monday night, conflicts with the gala for hotly-tipped Black Swan.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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