Thursday, September 30, 2010


Andrew Garfield on October issue of Interview
You snooze you lose.  One of the things I was asked most frequently about my TIFF 2010 experience was, "Who is that?" when people would stumble across my photos of Andrew Garfield.  If you still don't know who he is, it won't be long before you will be all too familiar.  With David Fincher's The Social Network on the verge of Oscar success with its release this Friday, in addition to a loyal cult following for Mark Romanek's Never Let Me Go, Garfield is at the forefront of this generation of actors although it does seem he is peaking a bit later than expected.  His performance, aside from that of The Social Network star Eisenberg, is one of the biggest highlights of the film.

The 27 year-old Los Angeles-born actor who hails from London has been tapped to play the coveted role of Spider-Man taking over the iconic role most recently owned by Tobey Maguire.   As an aside, the latest instalment in that franchise is to be directed by Marc Webb, who brought us last year's phenomenal yet bittersweet (500) Days of SummerGarfield sits down and chats with acclaimed Director Terry Gilliam on this month's Interview Magazine on what life was like prior to being now on the brink of stardom.  

When Garfield had turned 17 years-old, he moved to London from Surrey where he had grown up and got a job at Starbucks, mostly because he had Romanticized the idea of being a Barista in his head.  He says, "I moved into this massive, empty house, and I thought I would get a job, so I walked into the Starbucks around the corner and somehow convinced them to hire me... I thought of coffee shops as the kind of place where you met really smart, interesting, quirky girls with thick, black-rimmed glasses. But it didn’t turn out that way at all. I ended up being pursued by this girl who was very cool, but she just wasn’t my type . . . It was a personality thing more than anything."   

Click here to read the interview in full.

And in case you didn't get chance to check out my photos of him at the TIFF premiere of Never Let Me Go, check them out here.  Oddly out of multiple photos I took with Garfield, he was v. easily distracted, either looking at the wrong Camera or in the direction, as a funny aside.  Also, my widely-read review of The Social Network was one of the first to surface online and you can read it here.

(Photo credit: Robbie Fimmano)

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