Tuesday, August 31, 2010


OMG. This is awful.  The Toronto Star is reporting that one of the theatres hosting screenings for this year's TIFF may be ridden with ... Bedbugs?  Scotiabank Theatre, a Cineplex theatre which normally hosts second or third screenings of bigger titles during the festival, is currently looking into the situation after a 38 year-old unidentified woman had reported on Twitter that she had contracted Bedbugs after watching a movie there recently.  Never under-estimate the power of Twitter.

Pat Marshall, VP of Communications for Cineplex Entertainment has commented, "Cineplex has not received any guest reports (of Bedbugs) in any of our theatres although recent cases in New York City have caused a flurry of calls, predominately from media, and it has obviously generated guest inquiries.".  Marshall was referencing incidents in New York City where two AMC Theatres had experienced Bedbug outbreaks.

Read the article in full here.  Even Bedbugs will not stop me from enjoying TIFF 2010Raid, please!

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