Sunday, August 8, 2010


She doesn't really care if your ethnic or religious group is offended by her jokes. And that's why I love her. Comedian/Writer/Actress Sarah Silverman is definitely one of my favourites for her brazen brand of humour. She pushes the envelope in her satirical approach to addressing stereotypes in a manner so brilliant that one cannot help but find humour in her irony.

Silverman has been flying in and out of Toronto filming Sarah Polley-directed Take This Waltz, which I have covered here previously. Production is set to wrap tentatively at the end of August and she plays the role of Seth Rogen's sister in that film. There are also rumours circulating that she will be appearing nude in the film for the first time although this has yet to be confirmed.

I had the chance to chat with Silverman quickly on her way out to lunch with her good friends Noah Wyle and Steven Weber, both in-town also filming different projects. Both gentlemen arrived at her Hotel and waited about 15 minutes for her outside, sipping on their Coffees before Silverman came out finally a vision of youth, all smiles in Ray-Ban Sunglasses, a Hoodie and Knapsack sans Make-up.

Flagging her down, she came right over and greeted me, telling me I was really sweet. I shared one favourite moments of hers - that being on one episode of her now-defunct The Sarah Silverman Program, where she paints her face black and tries to fit into a Gospel Choir and belts out This Little Light of Mine - which is just about as ridiculous as it sounds - but still a surefire way to make me laugh no matter how rough a day I'm having.

Silverman has been enjoying Toronto very much, with various sightings of her in and out of Yorkville Wining and Dining. She even took to Hiking according to her Twitter account earlier this week on a day off, although this could mean a walk of varying distances depending on how much she likes to walk. A few weeks ago, she complained publicly on Twitter about the size of Matzo Balls here in the city.  Funny.

She was so kind to take a moment to sign a 5x7 for Mr. Will-W.: Pop Maven readers and I chuckled when I saw what she wrote to you!  If you'd like to qualify for the win, please leave a comment telling me what you love about Sarah Silverman, before August 28, 2010 midnight.

Check out some of these photos from earlier today which I got:

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)