Tuesday, August 17, 2010


King's College in Flames (2010)
"Technology has impacted not only the delivery of language but the content. No-one hand-writes letters anymore and with texting we have invented truncated abbreviations of words and new words. So in my paintings I try and set up an arena where these interests are laid out and somehow articulated through this low-tech stenciling process and then they go through another translation by being pulled into the realm of abstraction - a different language." - Alistair Magee, Toronto-based Artist (2010)

For those of my readers in the Toronto area, my friend Alistair Magee is being showcased as part of an Exhibit called faithful and faithless messengers right now at loop gallery, in the city's trendy Dundas x Ossington area. This is Alistair's return to the scene after a bit of a break and you can enjoy some of his sublime brand of Text Art at the show which features the work of some other v. talented local artists.  Honing his craft in Glasgow and now based out of Toronto, his work has been showcased throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe. 

The event goes on from August 11 - 2, 2010 and you can click here for additional details.  Chk it out!  x