Friday, August 20, 2010


So does Julia Roberts hate Japan? That's what many Japanese fans seem to think as surprisingly to-date she has yet to visit one of the world's most technologically and fashion-forward countries. Roberts arrived in Japan earlier this week to promote Eat Pray Love and was nothing but smiles for Photographers.

"It’s just my good fortune to finally find myself here in Tokyo with all of you nice people”, it appears she's been groomed to say, at her Press Conference held this Wednesday in Tokyo.

From my own personal experience, Roberts seems a very private person and other than promoting, she appears to prefer staying away from the spotlight. I don't think this really applies specifically to Japan - it applies to everyone as she was pretty much in hiding for much of her stay in Toronto. And don't even think about approaching her when she has her Kids with her, I've heard as things can turn ugly. But I don't really think that's out-of-character for any Mother really being approached by strangers.

Japanese fans report that Roberts was extremely generous signing autographs at her Premiere in trendy Rappongi Hills. She even donned a Kimono - at least she's put forth some effort! You can check out some of the photos on JustJared.

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

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