Monday, July 12, 2010


So after having had a wonderful time at their Mod Club Theatre show last night, I spotted three Wonder Girls out and about in Yorkville today enjoying their day off.  Earlier today, I spotted newest and youngest member Lim out with her boyfriend a male companion.  Around dinner time, I spotted SoHee and the group's rapper YuBin out and about looking for a place to eat dinner with their assistant, who spotted me also.  I directed the girls over to The Hazelton's One Restaurant with a glowing review and they were excited to try it, taking me up on my recommendation.  In exchange for the tip, SoHee and YuBin signed this photo for me which I had handy and they were so happy to know I had fun last night at the show, not being familiar with their material before.  Random, I know!

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  1. Lim's boyfriend? Are you extremely sure?....that's gonna make headlines if it's true