Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Toronto is definitely the hot spot for filming this Summer and among the latest to start production in the city is The CW Network's Nikita.  Nothing though in my opinion will ever usurp America's Next Top Model as that station's best program.  Nikita is a re-vamping of cult-favourite 1990 French film Nikita and the 1997 television series which met limited success.  It centers around an government Spy who decides to do things on her own and it will be premiering Thursday, September 9, 2010 in the prime 9:00 PM slot.

Among its cast of burgeoning stars are A Walk To Remember and ER star Shane West and also, American-born, Hong Kong-based actress Maggie Q who has had her share of headlines back in Asia. Internationally, she has appeared in blockbusters like Live Free Die Hard, Mission Impossible III and Rush Hour II. Although her success has been long in the making, Nikita will probably be the outlet to launch her career as a household name in North America.

Filming today at Bay Station on a secret platform, the Crew began filming early and will be going all the way to midnight, before changing locations tomorrow. Tentatively, filming is scheduled until mid-December in and around the city.  The Cast has already been seen dining at the city's hottest spots, Brassaii and One.

Of course I was in the area, minutes from my place, and bumped into both stars on their way back to Set after Lunch, around 6:00 PM. Although both were in a hurry, they obliged kindly and took a photo with me. West, I'd say is a lot more lithe and reserved than I'd imagined him to be in-person, but nonetheless kind and definitely attractive in that guy-next-door way.  Maggie Q however, is absolutely stunning in-person and v. friendly. She told me she wished she had a bit more time to chat, but alas was in a rush and both her assistant and her thanked me. She gave me a "Thanks, Babe!" before rushing back to Set.

Here are some pics I was lucky enough to get below:

And yes, some autographs will be available to my readers closer to the premiere of the show, so stay tuned!  To learn more about Nikita, click here.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. are so lucky!
    Thanks for let us know :)

  2. Hi! I'm a fan of Shane West and i can't wait to see Nikita, thanks so much for sharing with us your meeting with the cast, and your pix :)

  3. Hey, do you know if they're still filming regularly in TO?
    Dangg I need to leave my house more, maybe I'll bump into them.

  4. are they still shooting the show in toronto? pleasee pleasee answerr

  5. they just shot near my house this past week. i watched from my balcony, very cool. they even had a pretty decent explosion just after midnight! and yes - they shoot in Toronto ALL THE TIME!