Saturday, July 3, 2010


Walking home along Bay Street with a couple friends, I ran into Cyndi Lauper heading back to her Hotel. She had just completed a Soundcheck for her show tomorrow night at Queen's Park as part of this year's Toronto Pride Festival.  Strolling along with her guitarist, Lauper was barely recognizable in a black Fedora and tight cleavage-revealing dress, but it was her bright orange hair that gave her away.  And that New Yorker accent - unmistakable.  Always prepared, I had my CD ready for her to sign and she was just wonderful signing for me and my friends.

She did clarify that she was told she could not take photos tonight, so I will try again tomorrow as I'll be doing Media at her show where she'll be dolled-up.  Trying to remain low-key,  I told her and her Guitarist I'd see them tomorrow night and we wished each other a good night.  This is a dream come true - I've idolized Lauper since childhood!  Check out the autograph she personalized for me below.  Amazing!

Check back again tomorrow night for photos and some video from her concert.  If you're in the Toronto area, come down to Queen's Park before 9:30.  It's completely free!

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