Friday, July 30, 2010


PopSugar has posted trascripts for a Press Junket my current obsession Julia Roberts for Eat Pray Love. She talks about working with Javier Bardem and putting on 11 lbs from all the eating in Italy.... but she definitely isn't feeling the Indian Cuisine.

On Italian cuisine: "...they did go to great elaborate pains to make food that I had to eat endlessly in the heat. So there was this one plate of pasta that was — all other circumstances removed — delicious pasta. It was simple spaghetti. It was delicious..."

On Indian cuisine: "India, well let's just say this. I, as a mother, pack like a 10-pound box of medicines and Band-aids and alcohol and all these things — which I never had to open — and a 10-pound box of snacks, so that might have been my favorite bite. Every time I turned to that box late at night, a granola bar."

Ouch! How could anyone not love Indian food?  Clearly she was eating in the wrong places!

On gaining 11 lbs. during shooting: "The pizza, we went to the place where she (Author Liz Gilbert) had pizza, got there at eight in the morning and proceeded to shoot, and I started my day with eight entire slices of pizza in 45 minutes. The deliciousness of something wears a tiny a bit after piece seven . . . I would eat an entire slice in a take. I don't know why I thought that was a good idea. Ryan (Director Ryan Murphy) keeps telling people I gained 10 pounds; it was 11 actually. But I loved every pound, and everyone said it was going to drop right off in India, and that didn't happen. I didn't get that memo."

On working with Javier Bardem: "It was like deciding to get a puppy. You have everything in your house worked out, and then the puppy comes in, and you're like, I'm way too tired to have a puppy. He came in with all this gusto and enthusiasm and he wanted to read the scenes and go over some stuff. And then you realize no, this is getting good, let's have lunch, let's go over scenes, let's look over the stuff! And his excitement was so contagious... It's been well-reported that I was a little terrified to be around him after No Country For Old Men... I said to him near the end, 'You know, I thought you'd be so intense and weird, and I'd have to be like, handling you, but you're just so sweet and funny, and it's just so easy!' And he said, 'I'm not like that normally. I just wanted to try it once to see how it worked!'"

To read more from the Transcripts, click here. Eat Pray Love will be in Wide Release in two weeks' time. The Countdown is on.

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