Monday, July 19, 2010


Traveling with his own "Entourage" tonight, Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Kevin Dillon was seen heading west on Yorkville Ave. past The Hazelton after a guys' night out with three good friends.  Dressed casually in an outfit you'd see him wear on Television, I flagged him down and he came over to personalize a photo for me and pose for a photo (seen to the left) with one lucky fan and Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven reader, Wenke!  

As reported yesterday, Dillon is in town for the RBC Canadian Open's Mike Weir Charity Classic which pitted him against the likes of Samuel L. Jackson and Love is a Highway singer Tom Cochrane.  

And when I asked him how he did today, he told me the match went well, which led him to ask me, "How in the world did you know I'd be here?" to which I replied, "Buddy, I read the news!  It's splashed all over the papers.... but this was a total fluke!" as I quite literally was walking Billy. Satisfied with my answer, he then got behind me, pressed the photo against my back and personalized my 5x7 on my back, before jokingly blaming me for making him lose his friends.  Dillon then ran off in a hurry....

Here's the famous back-signed photo of the strapping actor, below:

(Photo credit: Wenke Li)


  1. good thing you have these 5x7s on hand during these "fluke" moments!

  2. Hey Anonymous!
    LOL. Well put it this way - when you live 5 minutes from the Hottest Spot in the City, it would be foolish to not at least be somewhat prepared. Can I get an "Amen"?! :p

  3. Will-W, does that mean you have a stack of celeb headshots lying around your house? Also, you must have some great tipsters (unless you're always in Yorkville and always carrying 1,000 assorted headshots :P).

  4. May I add that with your bio and close professional ties with the industry, I'm not surprised you're well connected and well prepared :)