Saturday, July 10, 2010


Oh yeah...  him!  Aziz Ansari is in town right now performing at the Just For Laughs Fesitval in Toronto and had a show at Winter Garden Theatre earlier this evening.  The Stand-up Comedian/Writer/Actor has received much acclaim including being listed as one of Entertainment Weekly's Top 12 Future Stars of Comedy.  He currently stars on NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation alongside former SNL Alumni Amy Poehler and you might recognize him from his recent gig as host of the MTV Movies Awards where he absolutely killed it.

Ansari who also has been seen recently in films like I Love You, Man and Funny People just inked a deal with comedic genius Judd Apatow (The 40 Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up) and Universal Pictures to do a three-film deal.  Expect big things from this Funnyman.

Although I hate to spark rumours, I did run-into Canada's premier comedian Russell Peters this afternoon as we were both having Lunch at Fran's.  On my way out, I mentioned to him how uncanny it is that we keep running into each other and he jokingly pointed out that I totally ignored him earlier, as he was eating with his Entourage at the back of the Diner.  Faced with the daunting task of hosting two shows back-to-back tonight at Massey Hall as part of the festival, he told me it was no big deal clarifying that he is hosting both shows, which is a lot less pressure than performing solo for that duration.  We then got to talking about Ansari whose show was next door to his tonight and he told me that he had only "heard things" about the quality of Ansari's work and was curious to know what people thought of him, before things felt a little awkward.  Some fans then came over and asked him to sign their tickets and he asked, "Wouldn't that void the tickets?".  I then wished him a Good Show tonight and pat him on the back.  Do I sense a bit of competitive spirit here?  

I did catch Ansari backstage and like most Comedians is a lot more low-key offstage, seeming surprised people were waiting for him.  One fan asked him for an autograph as soon as he came out of his Town Car to which he replied,  "Can I just get my stuff out of the Trunk first?".  He then came over and did a round of photos and of course, he posed for a photo with me asking me to make sure it turned-out before rushing into the venue with less than an hour before the show started. 

I may have an extra autograph to give away if you're interested.  Details to come later.  You can visit Ansari's official website here in the meantime.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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  1. Saw the 930 show last night - great performance by Aziz! Lots of new material for those who had got their youtube fill of Aziz prior to coming to the show, but he opened things up to the audience to pull out some classic Aziz jokes. A little disappointed when people called out jokes and Aziz said he couldn't remember some of them... maybe you should be taking some fish oils to help out with that. Special kudos to Todd Barry, a superstar opening act.