Thursday, July 8, 2010


New York Times Best Selling Author Emily Giffin made an appearance at Manulife Centre's Indigo Bookstore after a very sudden postponement due to illness last month.  Giffin is in-town right now to promote latest novel Heart of the Matter, which steers away from the brand of Chick Lit she has found so much success with, in novels like Something Blue and Something Borrowed.  The latter, which is now being made into a film, is currently wrapping-up production in New York City; it is set to open in theatres June 2011 via Warner Bros.  

The very self-aware and funny author took time out to introduce herself to a predominantly female audience this evening, explaining that she began Writing after realizing that the structure of her former career of five years as a Lawyer didn't suit her.  Her Agent tried shopping her first Novel and she received Rejection Letters from all, pushing her harder to get where she is today.  Giffin claims, "Even though I know it's trying to say 'never give up on your dreams', you will get there if you keep putting effort into it", sharing that there are many talented Writers who don't necessarily find success based on their ability alone.

The Writer touched upon the forthcoming Something Borrowed movie and explained that although she did not write its Screenplay, she was very much involved with its development.  Although changes were made, she was fully supportive of them and had nothing but praise for actors, Ginnifer Goodwin, John Krasinski and Colin Egglesfield.  Kate Hudson, not so much. Giffin even want as far as to say that Hudson just doesn't look so great as a Brunette.  Currently, she is working on the Screenplay for Baby Proof, her first attempt at a Script.

Incredibly down-to-earth, Giffin noticed that I wore a Purple (the colour of Heart of the Matter's cover) Cardigan in today's blistering heat and told me I looked adorable.  When asked if she was flying back home after today's appearance, she said that she will be spending some time in Toronto.  Not quite content with the picture some gentleman took of us, I requested a Re-shoot on her way out, which she joked, "Anybody who goes through the trouble of colour co-ordinating with my Book deserves as many Re-takes as they want."  She then invited me to add her on Facebook as a friend, which I will do in a bit.  Coincidentally upon strolling home in Yorkville, I saw Giffin with her partner sitting by a window seat at Ciao Wine Bar, which quickly is becoming the area's new Hot Spot with Gilles Marini and Cheryl Burke having dined there just last week.

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Watch a video of Giffin below speaking her mind about the Something Borrowed movie:

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