Saturday, June 5, 2010


In what's looking like a neck and neck battle to the finish this weekend at the Box Office, two-week champion Shrek Forever After is holding a narrow lead with $6.5 million based on Friday's numbers over Universal Pictures' Get Him to the Greek, which made $6.2 million.  The difference though is that Shrek is playing at 4.386 theatres, while Get Him to the Greek is playing at only 2,697 theatres.  The comedy which is a spin-off of successful romantic comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall has been praised by critics with a very decent 75% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Killers from Lionsgate Films is poised to debut in third after a decent showing in third spot with $5.7 million.  The comedy stars Grey's Anatomy's Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher.  The film has been panned universally as films starring Kutcher normally do.

Sex and the City 2 slips slightly to fourth, dropping only one spot from this debut in third last weekend with $4.4 million.  Sadly, negative reviews seem to be deterring its female fan base from flocking to the theatres as expected.

Disney's Prince of Persia slips to fifth spot from its opening in second spot last weekend, bringing in $4.08 million last night.  Overseas, the film is faring much better than in America earning an impressive $97.7 million in less than two weeks.

In a weekend of many debuts, Fox's Marmaduke fails to connect with family audiences in only sixth spot, taking in $3.4 million.  Meanwhile, horror flick Splice from Warner Bros. starring Oscar winner Adrien Brody and Canadian darling Sarah Polley could only muster enough momentum to debut in seventh spot with a $2.7 million.  The film has fared very well among critics.

UPDATE: The results are in and Shrek Forever After makes in three weeks in a row, on top with $25.3 million.  Get Him to the Greek was close but unable to close the gap in second with $17.4 million, just ahead of Killers in third with $16.1 million.

Prince of Persia placed fourth with $13.9 million, ahead of Sex and the City 2 with $12.7 million.  Marmaduke meanwhile remained consistent in sixth, edging out Iron Man 2 in seventh.  Splice disappointed in eight, taking in just $7.5 million.

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  1. I do want to see Get Him To The Greek, although I just don't know if it can measure up to Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which has to be one of the most skewed "amount of people who saw it in theaters relative to quality" ratios I know of for a comedy from the last decade--I really do love it, as does pretty much everyone I know, from most all demographics, who's seen it.