Sunday, June 20, 2010


I think I'm sold completely on Miley Cyrus now finally.  She really is such a  hard-worker and despite people's perceptions of her as being unlikable, I think what we need to understand is that when you achieve the level of success she has at her 17 years of age, and being managed by her mother, she is taught to be very guarded.  I've only witnessed her for a couple days and it's completely insane the level of attention she gets from fans.  Everybody wants her photo with her or of her.  It just gets to the point where one has to set limits.  

So far I've seen two sides of her character.  Guarded Cyrus and the Cyrus who really loves her fans and wants to spend time with them.  Last night I witnessed the kinder side on her way out of MuchMusic's headquarters.  Her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, knew to take his place standing back as she greeted fans one by one.  And she signed a photo for me too, which I considering an amazing honour. She will be around for quite some time.  

Cyrus ran through a couple takes of current single Can't Be Tamed with two vans' worth of Dancers and a full band.  Her stage set-up contains LED projections with themes of Fire, Lava and Cats' Eyes and she arrives on stage in an Egg-shaped contraption, roped-up before freeing herself into the sea of Dancers.  She struggled a bit vocally with the bridge of the song by the time I got to see her last night after a day full of rehearsals.  Cyrus is hosting and performing at tonight's MMVAs, so she has a long day ahead of her.  I'll be posting the candid Cyrus photos in a bit.  Check my mainpage in a bit for those.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos of her fully in character and a video also (audio content owned by Universal Music):

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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