Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Nick Haramis who brought us that fantastic write-up on Naomi Watts on BlackBook has written another winner.  The subject of his latest write-up, Kylie Minogue.  My beloved Minogue is poised to release Aphrodite in three weeks' time and sat down with Haramis in an interview at New York City's Greenwich Hotel, about perception of her image, Madonna comparisons, her new album and what went wrong with her last album X.

On X, Minogue believes "That album had some great moments on it, but, as a whole, it wasn’t cohesive. I think people wanted to hear something with more gravitas considering what I’d just been through, but the most personal songs I’d written, like ‘Ruffle My Feathers,’ didn’t end up on the album. That one was about cancer...".

On her desire to continue acting, she said that "As a ‘pop star,’ I’ve created this world for myself, and it becomes very natural to stay inside of it, but I’d love to do some independent films. It’s still very early, but I’m in the process of choosing between specific parts".

Minogue apparently is looking for a Writer to develop a Mamma Mia-style musical with her songs in it. Fascinating.  In the very least her track Confide in Me can be heard in the upcoming Mirvish Production of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert this fall in Toronto.

To read the article in full, click here.  (Photo credit: Simon Emmett/BlackBook Magazine)

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  1. Firstly - WOULD DIE to see a Kylie Musical..

    Personally, I quite liked X, and for me, a special release - maybe a 3 or 4 disc collection of the cut songs (if the rumours for 100+ were true) just for fans could have been a great "companion" as it'd allow the musical context of the album to fit, and people could have tried to find what they were looking for there...