Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I’m sorry ladies, but you have no business being in Cannes. I’ve checked your IMDB pages and there is nothing remotely-related to the Cannes Film Festival on the Docket for any of you. It seems that every time I click on some photos from the festivities in the French Riviera, I keep seeing Eva Longoria-Parker, Lindsay Lohan and Aishwaraya Rai pop up. And honestly, you know it’s a bad sign when I ask my Indian friend Tym about Rai and she asked, “Wasn’t she last in that movie ‘Indian Spice Girls’?”. I think she meant Rai’s 2005 film Mistress of Spices. Yes, even the people of India aren’t watching her movies, so what gives?

Please tell me this isn’t the most star power the festival could muster. Another reason why the Toronto International Film Festival reigns supreme. We get the titles that sway Academy voters and we get the real stars. Cannes 0, Toronto 1. (Photo credit: Rex/Getty Images)

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