Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Scream.  Too ridiculously good. One thing I cannot deny about this season of Glee is that the story lines continue to be lacking, but the musical component of it all is better than ever. 

Meant to be used as a weapon of humiliation, the kids of Glee dug up an old video of Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) and Olivia Newton-John performing a super-hot rendition of her 1981 hit Physical.  But the results were anything but humiliating.  The video they shot not only camped it up, but also sexed it up with some hunky torso-bearing dancers who didn't seem to mind being objectified, while the two vocalists got twirled and lifted.  I love the all the fixings they added to the track from the tastefully auto-tuned bits to the updated bassline.  Everything.

As a friendly reminder, if it weren't for the massive success of this hit single, we might not know who Kylie Minogue is today.  Newton-John paved the way and carved a blueprint for Australia's finest export. 

Check out Physical by Olivia Newton-John ft. Sue Sylvester below in full (audio content owned by Sony Music):

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