Saturday, May 8, 2010


So is he retired or not?  That is the question.  Actor and failed rapper Joaquin Phoenix has a documentary coming out directed by fellow actor and brother-in-law Casey Affleck called The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix.  There is a bit of controversy to whether or not this is actually a mockumentary or the real thing. 

According to LA Times, the film follows him around after his announced plans to retire from acting and ir is quite high on the scandal meter with plenty of frontal nudity and coarse language.  Apparently in one scene he is seen trying to convince Diddy (Sean Combs) to produce his rap record which goes nowhere and Ben Stiller is seen trying to persuade him to star recently-released Greenberg although he seems disinterested. 

The film also shows him being defecated upon while sleeping, calling prostitutes, snorting Cocaine and even performing intimate acts on his publicist.  This just all seems far too ridiculous to be true, regardless how eccentric Phoenix is.  I remember seeing him in person at TIFF in 2005 and literally was within arms' reach of him as shown in the photo above and he avoided all attention, as he reportedly is very media shy.  He also apparently left the gala for Walk The Line, for which he received an Oscar nomination as country music legend Johnny Cash, after walking the Red Carpet; he refuses to watch his own movies. 

Perhaps this is simply him just reacting to all the critical and commercial success he had with Walk The Line?  It wouldn't surprise me.  The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix has yet to find distribution but I'd gladly pay $12 to see some of these antics, wouldn't you?  (Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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