Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Jake Gyllenhaal has officially taken over Toronto doing a whirlwind media tour of the city in targeting every demographic possible with interviews on CBC's The Hour, eTalk Live, MTV Live and Entertainment Tonight Canada.  Dividing his time predominantly in half hour slots with each outlet, Gyllenhaal had his time managed with precision in an effort to sway a portion of the female audience who will be flocking this weekend to see Sex and The City 2, instead to see Disney's Prince if Persia, in which he stars. 

I caught Gyllenhaal at MTV today after a very condensed appearance on the station's staple program MTV Live with hosts Daryn Jones and Nicole Holness.  Trying constantly to steer the topic of conversation to a more professional tone, the handsome actor had no idea what he signed up for with the intimate audience.   And although Jones complained about not having enough time with Gyllenhaal, they seemed to have time to waste airing a near-two minute parody done by one of the station's interns on a mock-workout of Jake's.  Funny?  Not so much.

Repeatedly throughout the program, girls would call out inappropriately, "Jake, show us your abs!", which later escalated to "Jake, show us your snake!" after he described the process of working with a Snake Trainer.  Taking the situation in stride, he responded "Well played. I like your style".  The show's frustrated hosts eventually had to silence the rowdy audience, which again saw girls interrupting Gyllenhaal as he was trying to thank Canadians for their support.  Jokingly, he pointed at his abs, stating "I realize that this is a big weekend for the ladies.... but this (pointing at his abs) is Sex in the City.   Why see Sex and The City 2 when you can watch Prince of Persia twice?".  Charmer.

Prince of Persia opens in wide release Friday, May 28, 2010 in what is expected to be a very busy weekend at the Box Office.  Check out some of these photos I snapped of Gyllenhaal on his way to his eTalk appearance this afternoon.  As always, he is as gracious as he can be with his assertive handlers.  He even wrote me a little note as a keepsake, in addition to posing for a photo with me.  Aww.  I wish just once he'd take his sunglasses off when outdoors...  one can always dream!  

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)