Thursday, May 13, 2010


So 25 year-old Arkansas native Krista was crowned season/cycle 14 America’s Next Top Model on the CW Network staple program last night.  Upon announcing her victory, host and producer Tyra Banks said with confidence that she and the show’s panel of judges feel she has the potential for international success. Dark-skinned Krista, often complimented for her innate understanding of geometry and her high fashion poses, was often critiqued also for lack of strength in her face. Nonetheless, it was good enough as she brimmed with perky confidence down the runway on the show’s final challenge, an Anna Sui show in New Zealand featuring other finalists from this season and last season’s winner, Nicole.

I love America’s Next Top Model. I really do. But after following the show for so many seasons now, it would be nice to see one – just one – of the winners achieve actual success as a Supermodel. Now I don’t mean just getting work in print ads or commercials. I mean a full-out Supermodel like the ‘90s. Giselle, Cindy, Linda, Christy, Coco, Naomi, Tyra. Now I know there are no guarantees in this world and I do like to think of myself as being somewhat in-the-know, but I honestly don’t recall any of one of the past winners having produced results the show might promise.

I think the top criticism the show receives is that it scouts women who might be past the peak age to embark on a career in Modelling. Let’s face it, Modelling like many other image-centric industries, are age-sensitive. Modelling, like Figure Skating or Gymnastics, is a craft honed from a young age. A majority of these girls on the show are already in their 20s and at best have amateur experience at this stage in their lives.   Perhaps Banks might need to start recruiting younger for future seasons? Why not, she’s already recruited Plus and Petite Sized Models? I think it’d be great for ratings.

In the meantime, MSN posted this handy article today on how to look great in photos and as someone who loves taking portraits (even for Charity in the past), I often encounter people who are terrified of being photographed. “I look terrible in photos. Don’t take my photo.”, I hear often. Perhaps they’re just afraid of their photo being posted somewhere on the Internet or they are just concerned about Privacy, but everybody has their best angle and there’s no reason to be afraid of a Camera. For someone to want to take your picture is an honour, an implicit way of them telling you, “You are different. You are memorable”.

Here are some of the tips listed:

1) Never face the camera full-on
2) Turn your body on a ¾ angle for a slimming effect (Sharon Stone swears by this!)
3) If concerned about flabby arms, open up the arm and place your hand on your hip
4) Never over-smile, unless you are comfortable with it. Half-smiles are intriguing and sexy.
5) Keep hair away from your face if you have long hair
6) Tuck yourself into your friend and lean back when posing with a friend
7) Practice in front of a mirror

Banks would also give the recommendation of opening up your body a bit also to create Distance and Symmetry – like Tip #3, when you place your hands on your hip, it gives the illusion of there being something to look at behind you, also adding some shape to your body also.

Check out the article here.

(Photo credit: Mike Ruiz)

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