Thursday, May 20, 2010


Toronto's Foodies definitely have Guu fever and it doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon.  The Hotspot located the south tip of Toronto's Village (Church x Carlton) just keeps getting hotter and hotter.  Case in point, my BFF Fran and I visited at 9:30 last night at the absolutely no-reservations establishment and finally got a table at 10:45 despite our Hostess' assurance our wait would be about half an hour.  And this was a Wednesday night. 

In what was my fifth visit, I tried a few different items on the Japanese Tapas Menu.  We tried the Pork Belly with a Boiled Egg in a Miso Broth and Wasabi. It may sound terrifying to those watching their waistlines, but it was braised to perfection.  Juicy and tender, cradled in  sweet Miso Broth. More, please.

One thing Fran and I almost always order is Kakki Fry - more simply Deep-Fried Breaded Oysters - with Homemade Pink Tartar Sauce.  Nothing particularly remarkable about the dish which some of the Sushi Hot Spots in town don't already offer.  Sushi Inn in Yorkville has mastered the art of Kakki Fri, serving generously-sized Oysters compared to these.  But I do love visuals and the pink is easy on the eyes.
Our waitress accidentally delivered these Deep-Fried Calamari Strips which we thought was ours.  Fran had a sampling and seemed to have enjoyed it.  Alas, the platter when to the three Fashionistas beside us at the Bar garbed like girls on a postcard of Paris in the Spring.

Hotate Butter are Scallops Seared in Butter and although there were only three on this platter, they were generously-sized and cooked just right as many of us I'm sure have tasted tough Scallops at least once in our lives since they cook so quickly.  Garnished with Scallions in a delicious thick and savoury Soy-based sauce, it was one of the more memorable items I've had at Guu.

No meal is complete without a wonderful beverage and I commend Guu for their creative list of Cocktails.  Their refreshing Sakegria is a Sake-based Sangria with Orange, Apples, Strawberries, Blueberries and Blackberries.  No, not thetype which you sent text messages from.  The edible type.  Placed in a Display Pitcher at the Bar, a Fly found its way into it before our Bartender ladled it out (alive of course).  He then deemed the Pitcher unservable, to which myself and the Fashionistas raised our glasses to him for free refills.  A little extra protein never hurt nobody.

Although I'm sure it will repulse many of you my Peaches, their Pan-Fried Pork Intestines Seasoned in a Sweet Soy Sauce served with Pepper Sauce is just beyond delectable.  Definitely one of the best items on Guu's menu.  Chewy in texture, but far from tough, these are actually fun to eat and would go perfectly with a mug of Sapporo.  And don't you nod your head at me - I don't even want to know what animal parts are in your Hot Dogs, Burgers and Cold Cuts.  Yes, I went there. 

One unique thing about Guu is that they always cap off your meal with some complimentary Frozen Grapes and I forgot to post these in my last entry about the Izakaya.  This to me is a perfect way to end a gratifying meal as their Desserts admittedly are still lacking. Banana Tempura, Green Tea Ice Cream and Almond Tofu just don't excite me.  And trust my word, do not get the Sake CheesecakeJust don't.

Have you been to Guu?  What are your thoughts? Am I bring overly generous?

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