Thursday, May 20, 2010


On Naomi Watts' performance in Fair Game, director Doug Liman responds to critics who feel her performance lacked warmth or dimension: "It would have been easy to create a fiction that Naomi’s Valerie is an emotional NOC. That she has this steely exterior but when she comes home and she’s something else. In fiction you can make up anything, but I actually spent time around the real Val and found her completely compelling as a person and she kept that façade no matter what she was doing and I wanted Naomi Watts’ character to follow suit." 

Watts is rumoured to have put on a career best performance as disgraced CIA agent Valerie Plame in Liman's film, screening in Cannes.  I personally think they should just FedEx me a copy of this Screener and I will decide for them!  STAT.

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