Sunday, May 16, 2010


Want a record deal? No problem, kid.  YouTube is how young artists are getting record deals these days. Teen sensations Esmee Denters, Justin Bieber, Charice - some more successful than others obviously - and now 12 year-old overnight sensation Greyson Chance can be added to the list of young artists discovered on the popular video portal.

The boy who recently confessed to Ellen DeGeneres that he was constantly getting picked on at school is now in his words, "getting a few numbers from girls". Lady Gaga called in herself to wish him good luck on his first television performance reassuring him via telephone, "you've won them over already, just have fun and do the best you can". She described the boy as "cute and talented" and advised him to "stay away from girls".

Chance performed Paparazzi by Gaga last week at a school concert, identically copying an acoustic piano version of the track done by her previously and after having the video captured and uploaded to YouTube, 14 million people have seen it since. Let's be honest though - there's timing issues and his vocal placement is awkward, but undeniable is that for someone with no formal training in singing, he has raw talent waiting to be capitalized.

Ellen DeGeneres signed him to her newly-launched ElevenEleven Records, which will be distributed through Geffen Records (Universal). And yes, in case you're wondering, this does make him Lady Gaga's label mate. Shall we expect Chance in elaborate Haus of Gaga outfits soon too?

Watch out, Justin Bieber. This battle is gonna be even more epic than Tifffany vs. Debbie Gibson.... Britney vs. Christina...  View more videos from Chance's YouTube Channel here.  (Photo credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show)


  1. It's an impressive performance, but a recording contract? Seriously? Wow. The industry is REALLY in bad shape.

  2. That's so weird. I just shared a video by this kid... I had no idea he was a YouTube sensation! Good for him.