Monday, April 26, 2010


I’m disappointed to say that Robyn’s long-awaited return, Body Talk Pt. 1 isn’t quite what I was hoping for. The eight-track album, the first of three to come this year, has a few hidden gems like Fembot and gleefully sombre lead single Dancing On My Own, previewed here earlier. The collection otherwise lacks any real coherency, concept or flow, which we got a full serving of on unforgettable 2005 masteriece Robyn. Fans instead are given offerings here which otherwise wouldn’t make the cut on a full studio-length album, dispresed over the span of multiple discs.  I am of course being quick to comment not having heard the second and third discs in the set in all fairness.

My impression is that tracks like Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do, the quieter Hang With Me and lone Swedish track Jag Vet En Dejlig Rosa, although appreciable in their minimalism, all sound like they belong on separate albums. Above this, Body Talk Pt. 1 gives an impression of incompletion based on its lacking complexity, failing to bring out the ferocity Robyn is capable of. Not even the fantastic duo Röyksopp could salvage the disc with their collaboration None of Dem where it is apparent that Sweden’s Lady of Pop is tired; the track takes flight beautifully though after the 3:20 mark “taking her far away from here”.
I’m optimistic that Robyn has more goodies in store in this Body Talk trilogy of hers, I’m just not particularly inspired by what I’ve heard so far. Body Talk Pt. 1 is due in stores June 7, 2010 via Cherrytree Records/InterscopeGrade: C+

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