Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This is so fascinating.  My BFF Fran forwarded me this article today and after what has been one month shy of  our 15  year friendship, we are still equally obsessed with Mariah Carey's pointless minutiae.  I'll have you know we met at an autograph session for Carey at HMV in downtown Toronto that day in May 1995.  And if I wasn't there that day, I never would have met Fran and life well.... wouldn't have been as amazing!

Reporter Lesley Cirarula Taylor from The Toronto Star got her hands on a copy of Mariah Carey's rider for her recent Angels Advocate Tour at Air Canada Centre and it was surprising how scaled-down her list of Dressing Room demands has gotten. 

To recap, Carey requested:

-Vanilla Protein Drinks
-no furniture with busy patterns
-chilled Chardonnay and one bottle Opus One Cabernet Sauvignon
-her own bathroom with hot and cold running water
-Iced Tea
-Veggie Platters
-a vase of White Roses
-Jo Malone Candles

Modest.  The most expensive thing on the list is probably the bottle of Cab Sauv which needs to be imported from California or the candles which are sold at upscale fashion retailer Holt Rendrew.  To read the full rider, click here.

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