Saturday, April 10, 2010


French-based brewery 3 Brewers (Les 3 Brasseurs) has been making a name for itself in France since 1986, but has only recently expanded to various locations throughout Quebec and now Toronto.  It was inspired by a movement 20 years ago by a family to revive old brewing traditions handed down over three generations.  3 Brewers authentically is a Microbrewery serving non-pasteurized Beer, but also caters to those looking for Pub Fare, but in a very traditionally European setting.  Its appeal as a chain restaurant/pub offers value in addition to quality.

Their signature brews are unique, divided by as Blond, Brown, White, Red and La Belle Provence (Amber).  Their Blond Brew though, appears to be the biggest hit among its mostly twenty/thirtysomething clientele. The Blond's fruity notes are refreshing as it is light-bodied and smooth. I enjoyed particularly their White Brew, a Wheat Beer comparable to Hoegaarden. Its pleasant banana/citrus notes are nothing short of delicious, making it very easy to down for people like me who actually prefer wine to beer.

The restaurant's menu ranges from Flamms (like Thin Crust Pizza) including The L'Alsacienne which contains Sausage, Grueyere and Sauerkraut) to Burgers and Sausage Platters. Their signature dish though may either entice or terrify you - Beer-Braised Pork Shanks. The dish comes with two tenderly-braised shanks which are beyond gargantuan, paired with some of their signature Blond Beer Sauerkraut, some Greens and Mashed/Baked Potatoes. I apologize if I am offending any ethnic/religious groups, but these shanks are just too succulent to ignore; a must-try at a value price of $12.95 CAN.  And if you're visiting Toronto, 3 Brewers is located right in the thick of it all, across from Eaton Centre.

To learn more about 3 Brewers, visit their official website.

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