Tuesday, March 16, 2010


That's right - be jealous. That would be Carrie Bradshaw herself and your favourite Pop Culture Maven, Mr. Will-W. together at last. Sarah Jessica Parker flew in to Toronto to do a quick round of promotion for the launch of the Halston Heritage Collection, sold exclusively at The Bay.  The party was held at the Queen Street flagship store. Parker was recently selected as Chief Creative Officer for the reborn fashion line. Many of you might already recognize one of fashion line's marquee items in the Sex and The City 2  poster, which she wears with pride.

Prior to being known mostly for its line of drug store discount fragrances, fashion house Halston was a big deal in the '70s. Just like how Ungaro hadn't been relevant in quite some time, Halston is now amidst a major relaunch. Canada's premiere department store The Bay has made no secret about wanting to up the ante to compete with the high fashion of Holt Renfrew. My readers might remember that America's Next Top Model's Miss J. Alexander visited this past weekend at their Bloor Street location, drawing a bit of that celebrity appeal to its name.  And I was there.

And let me tell you this, Parker is everything I thought she would be and more in person. After waiting for her to do her rounds with the Canadian media fashion elite, I finally got a chance to say "hi" before she finally headed out after sticking around for an hour. Graciously she signed a little memento for me and posed for a photo with me, despite being in a rush to head to a dinner at The Hazelton with Prime Minister Harper's wife.  We talked quickly about Sex and The City 2 and I expressed my excitement to see it.  She told me I am going to love it.  Scream.

Check out some more photos I got from the event below:

And while you're at it, why not check out this exclusive free download of my ode to Carrie Bradshaw, produced by Monsieur Adi? The track is from my 2008 album Bodytalk.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. Eee! I'm so excited for you! You HAD to have gotten your song Carrie Bradshaw to her, let alone told her about it.

    Did you tell her about your song!!?!???