Wednesday, March 10, 2010


DeliciousRocky Mountain Chocolate Factory originated in Colorado in the early '80s and has only in the past few years expanded to Canada.  Although the retailer boasts of many creative chocolate confectionery delights like its famous Chocolate Cheesecake Bombs and unparalleled Caramel Apple selection, the Candy Maker has nailed it right on the head with their Chili Garlic Brittle.  

Taste this - hearty-sized pieces of sinfully sweet Brittle of Cashews, Almonds, Pecans and Peanuts, with the perfect amount of spicy chili folded in to tingle your taste buds sans having to panic for a glass of water.  There are hints of garlic, but very subtle.  This is perfect for fans of savoury-sweet treats like Caramel Pretzels or Beer Nuts, who are looking for a taste adventure.  

Still relatively a new item, the Brittle is not yet available for online ordering on their website.  Most Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory retail shops however, are already carrying this bit of a delight.  Generously portioned 227g bags are sold at $6.99 CAN.

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