Monday, March 8, 2010


We're all strapped for time, so here's the Oscars recapped for those of you who missed it.
  • Mo'Nique was absolutely no surprise in winning Best Supporting Actress for Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire.  She delivered  a poignant speech thanking the Academy for not letting politics decide her fate and basing the award on merit.  Hardly modest, but the audience would seem to have agreed with her as they gave her a standing ovation.  The film also won the Best Adapted Screenplay award.
  • Dapper German actor Christoph Waltz won for his terrifying turn in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds, being the subject of hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin's Nazi jokes.  Expect his career to take off in North America soon.
  • Designer and A Single Man director Tom Ford looked the gold standard in handsome.  I'm anxious to see what's to come next from him after such a strong reception to his first and only film.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker arrived on the Red Carpet with husband Matthew Broderick looking like an Avatar character with her fluorescent blue eyes. The Grecian Goddess look constructed by Tom Ford, just didn't work for her and she looked over-tanned.  Broderick later paid tribute with Molly Ringwald (the original Lindsay Lohan) to the late great director John Hughes (Home Alone, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club).
  • Helen Mirren looked stunning in a gray Badgley Mischka number.  It didn't even matter that she wasn't a serious contender for Best Lead Actress.
  • Somebody needs to hook me up with Jennifer Lopez's manager as she was everywhere tonight on the Red Carpet and as a presenter.  And she really doesn't seem to have much to promote these days other than a pushed-back album and a generic-looking romantic comedy, The Back-Up Plan
  • Charlize Theron who normally looks like perfection, looked like a train wreck in a purple Dior number with rose adornments on her boobs. 
  • Cameron Diaz looked stunning in Oscar de la Renta, but seriously needs to take reading lessons.  She somehow managed to mis-read the Teleprompter yet again this year, relying on Steve Carell to bail her out.
  • The evening's biggest awkward moment was when the connections of Best Short Documentary winner Music by Prudence canceled one another out in their moment of glory, with one half of the team (Producer Elinor Burkett) snatching the microphone away from Director Roger Ross Williams mid-speech saying, "Okay, let the woman speak now!.... " before delivering a very incoherent blurb.  Eeks.
  • Tina Fey, although I love her, always seems to fall just short of nailing the look.  Her one-shoulder Michael Kors number was just a little odd.  Perhaps Flinstones-chic?
  • Jeff Bridges like Mo'Nique, was no surprise in winning Best Actor for Crazy Heart.  This appears to be the start of another career renaissance for the seasoned veteran.  Don't forget he's starring in Disney's mega-budget Tron: Legacy coming this December.
  • The Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow won the Battle of The Exes and The Sexes against ex-husband James Cameron and her male counterparts.  Cameron was thought to have been a shoe-in in many of the technical categories.  But most importantly, she became the first-ever female director to win Best Director and received the award from presenter Barbra Streisand.
  • Sandra Bullock was not only the queen of the Red Carpet tonight in a silver/beaded Marchesa number, but pretty much the queen of it all in her first ever Oscar win for The Blind Side.  She delivered an incredibly humble speech, complimenting all her fellow nominees and playing-up her ongoing rivalry with good friend Meryl Streep.  Love that woman.
  • The Hurt Locker scored a total six Oscars winning the most coveted award of the night, Best Picture.  Made for a $16 million budget only, expect a sudden resurgence in its popularity via DVD sales/rentals this week. 
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  1. Did Tom Ford steal some of SJP's lines - I swear she gave him a telling look when he said 'and the nominees are...'

    Also, Myley trying to fob off her blunder onto her co-presenter was pretty funny.

    LOVE Sandra's speech - she seemed to just exude the persona we love her for, I hope she gets a great run of films to follow this up.

  2. i know.. so proud of sandra!! she is america's new sweetheart.

    re: cameron diaz, she really needs to learn how to read a teleprompter. :p

    re: SJP, i totally didn't pick up on that at all but i DID TOTALLY NOTICE the lady snatching the mic out of that poor guy's hand in the award for Best Documentary Short. that was hot!

  3. did anyone else catch the Best Foreign Film winner's joke, thanking the academy for not considering Na'vi a foreign language? not a single reaction from the audience.

    i thought the lady snatching the mic was a crazy walk-on -- she was dressed like a baglady. no offense to bagladies around the world.

    tom hank's announcement for film of the year was awkwardly abrupt. i get that they were trying to finish up on time, but it was aaaawkward.

  4. Hey Moocow... maybe it was the accent.. either that or people were just bored into a daze to notice!