Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Currently at work on her fourth studio album, Sophie Ellis-Bextor has teamed up again with my favourite UK production duo, Freemasons to deliver us this little bit of deliciousness.  The single is called Bittersweet and it is the first single from her still untitled album and Peter Robinson aka The Messiah of Pop, PopJustice's Song of the Day - a prestigious honour.  Ellis-Bextor did announce via her Twitter page last month that the album was to be called Make a Scene, but she latter announced that "it was not good enough!".

Although she has been focusing on motherhood of late, her new material is sounding stronger than ever, judging by her one-two punch of Heartbreak Make Me a Dancer and now this track.  My honest opinion is that Freemasons' sound is becoming a bit redundant, of late but nonetheless this is still great.  Ellis-Bextor's vocals more are a part of the experience rather than being front and center which may sound like a bad thing, but it works.  And I really love the little rhythmic homage to New Order's Blue Monday prior to the choruses.  This is likely a work-in-progress, thus it will be interesting to see what details will be added in the final cut.

Listen to Sophie Ellis-Bextor's new single Bittersweet (audio content owned by Fascination Records/Universal Music):


  1. Audio doesn't seem to want to work.

  2. She's losing her essence with these Freemasons search for a chorus - yes it sounds glam (so wins instant favour with me) but I also liked the thick basslines of the first two albums. This party's in her own head again.

  3. Tom, I might be able to direct you somewhere else you could hear it if you email me.

    Undisco, we are like two peas in a delicious pod of Edamame.