Monday, March 1, 2010


NBC's The Marriage Ref was previewed last night as a 30-minute teaser after the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony and it was a certified ratings hit, beating out its timeslot competition at 10:30 PM EST.  

The reality show produced by Jerry Seinfeld, brings real couples with humorous domestic dilemmas aboard, while a celebrity panel of judges come together to help resolve their disputes.  Appearing on last night's episode were Alec Baldwin, Eva Longoria-Parker and Jerry Seinfeld, while comedian Tom Papa hosted.  Coming soon are Sarah Silverman, Madonna, Tina Fey and many others. 

Featured last night on the show were a couple quarreling over whether or not the husband could keep his Taxidermied dog Fonzie around the house, which his wife was terribly against.  Another couple was debating whether or not to install a Stripper Pole in their bedroom.  The husband was all for it, the wife... not so much!

The full first episode of The Marriage Ref premieres this Thursday, March 4, 2010 on NBC at 10 PM EST.  Quite possibly the most brilliant hour of television ever.  Aside from Glee, of course.

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